Hair : Magika [03] Never :  Magika by Sabina Gully

Toast : NS::  Toast Mesh (AFK) :  FUNNY PUPPET FAIR 2014 by nani.soulstar
[Gacha Machine]

Bag : NS::  Mesh Bag (Happy Mother`s Days)  :  NS:: Cutie Store by nani.soulstar

Jeans : [Cynful] Skinny Jeans - jack n Jill 2014 Hunt :  Cynful by Cynthia Ultsch

Sweater : NS::  Panda Sweater With Shirt :
"> COSMOPOLITAN ROOM by nani.soulstar

Shoes : NS::  Mesh Sneakers Variety (HUD)  :  NS:: Cutie Store by  nani.soulstar

Stylist and photographer : Relitha Byron
Model: Clio Crystal

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