Summer fashion festival


Summer Fashion Festival 2º Edition.
May 30th - 16th June

Due to the great success from last year with the festival in terms of sales and traffic, we have decided to repeat this year.

To promote it we will have use a group of bloggers, submit the event in SL search,  and of course, our groups.

The SFF is a summer market with stands for about 80 designers with 5 prims available for each other. The theme is "summer fashion" but it doesn't mean bikinis and swimsuits. We wanna show a design that fits with the style of your store for this season and any creation with that theme will be welcome. Mandatory to have 1 exclusive design that you only can sell in the festival meanwhile it is running. After the festival you can continue selling your creation in your store. You will have 4 more prims where you can add any item at your choice and you will be able to change it during the festival that will last 2 weeks. We ask too for a freebie or dollarbie that must show the quality of the products from your store.

SFF Relitha


Hair : Exile::Hearts Don't Breakeven Blacks :  Exile Not Free

Skin : .::WoW Skins::. Chanell  :  WoW Skins Skin, shape and Slink Applier Hands, feet. Applier for Lola Tango and Lush. Not Free

Hands : Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1:  Slink Not Free

Outfit : ::PL:: Summer Daiz Outfit - SFF Exclusive:  ArisAris Not Free

SFF Callista


Hair : >TRUTH< Cyanne -  light blondes :  TRUTH Not Free

Hands : Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Gesture:  Slink Not Free

Outfit : ~CandyMetal~ Roma Outfit - SFF :  ArisAris Not Free

SFF Hoaiti


Hair : >TRUTH< Swift -  dark browns :  TRUTH Not Free

Hands : Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Gesture:  Slink Not Free

Outfit : [ SAKIDE ] Naive Lace Dresses SFF :  ArisAris Not Free
Model, Stylist and photographer : Relitha Byron
Model: Callista Bennett and Hoaiti Sahara

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