My Three SL Wishes Meme


Meme instructions: Share three things you wish for or about your Second Life. They could be things you wish from Linden Lab, things you would like to have inworld, things you would like to do, or any kind of wishes you may have.

I have thought so much about the three desires and I must say that it is not easy to contain everything that that it misses in second life in alone three desires, but I will try there... For before thing I would want so much that second life was publicized better, in primis from the Linden that according to me she doesn't speak enough of the potentialities of this game, of how much creativeness develops him... I have read only very often negative articles on this game, from people that they take only for instance a certain type of consumers of this game those that enter only for the sex. They are also luckily there players that their time uses for building, to make events and to make of the others their talent available. I have certainly known so many people that use this alone game for some purposes but I have also met as people that they loved second instead life and they tried to make it a best place. I have always thought that the problem was Italian above all but reading the answers of the other bloggers I become me account that it is all over the world instead diffused.
Speaking of Italian land, I am Italian and one desire of mine would be that to speak well the English. I have entered second life three years ago what a word of English I didn't speak, I must now say that I understand it well but I speak it and he feel like being disgusting uff... My desire is tied up to the fact that I exclusively frequent foreign sim and therefore the English would be indeed me useful, but I am trying to learn better that I am able.
And I now connect me to the last desire, that the Italian sims become some more places vivibilis, not places where envy, incorrectness and lowness of every kind circulate only. I regret to think that perhaps the figure that we do us Italian both this, however turning indeed above all the first times in the Italian lands the greatest part we don't make us a beautiful figure. I also know how much easy to generalize is, and luckily also among the Italian there are correct people and that they honestly work, but I hope that they are not a white fly but the greatest part anymore.

Are we sure that I cannot express another desire???Even if I rub for well the lamp??? Beh I am spiteful for which I say that I would want to become a best blogger...



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  1. You are already a great blogger! Thanks for participating. <3