My SL Guilty Confessions Meme


Here I am  again dragged here by the splendid Strawberry in another meme, for her guilt I will be ashamed to life for what I have written....

Meme instructions: Share 1 to 10 of your top second life guilty confessions. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!

1: I admit  I am a fanatical of the order in the inventory, me as soon as I buy something the scompatto and I immediately put  in the briefcase of destination.I don't bear to have shed objects in inventory because I am always afraid to lose something and not to find again it more.Not only I am fanatical for mine but also for that of the others for instance that of my husband that I have ordered a long time ago him some.My inventory ok is not enormous only 30K, however I want it beautiful clean and orderly. I for example have a lot of separated briefcases in the attire I have dressed summer and then winter and inside there under briefcases with pants, shirts, sock etc.At times I would want to be a pò softer but it is stronger than me....

2: Ok are asocial, I am asocial as an oyster, I love being in my hull and to frequent only some people. I detest the parties noisy and the people that shoot gesture as if it rained. Many say that am snob because I want to frequent only some types of people and because I have the molts easy, I admit  has happened me to change only because someone has me im with some tones that resulted ill-mannered ihihihih. But after all after all for this I don't feel me in guilt, and therefore I feel me in guilt because I don't feel me in guilt.....In short I have a pò of confusion....

They call me the iron woman for my inflexible being, but I believe after all both a simple rule of survival...
3: oh mother I feel indeed here me in guilt ahhahahahha.....
I always laugh as a crazy person reading some profiles both on second life that on facebook.Above all for the love stories that go him to form, and to destroy in the turn of a few days. There are people that it seems a continuous telenovela that makes the other unintentional spectators of poverty of mind lives. I sometimes say that the linden should make to be paid the divorces, they would make a lot of money. I laugh because the people on second lives seem in full adolescent crisis even if they are 40 years old, always to the search of the great love...I know  I am bad but indeed I cannot make to less less than laugh when I read some things, type six my greatest love, has been never in love so, and then after a week they are left already...

4: Seem me to confess me from a priest... what for an atheist it is indeed the maximum hihiihihi.
Self-acknowledged that when I go to the events while I am listening to music I spend a lot of time studying the other avatars, not the profiles but as they are dressed, that shapes have and the skins. At times they are assisted to of the horrifying shows, other ridicules at times to elegance in movement. However I look, I always look, in fact at times crasho because I spend the time looking around
me, my excuse it is that I go out few of my house......who knows if it works as it excuses.....

5: Rereading what I have written above I mortally feel me in guilt, now I go to put me to the angoletto and I will be ashamed more always...I promise ....I don't add other because I am afraid of that that I could write
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Hair :  >TRUTH< Brianna -  black & whites :   TRUTH Not Free

Hands :  Slink – Mesh Hand Elegant :   Slink   Not Free

Sandals :  *REDGRAVE* – Shoes Helena – 12colors *New* :   REDGRAVE   Not free

Dress :  Zaara  [Mesh] Chaitra chiffon dress *leaves* :   Zaara   Not free

Model, stylist and photographer : Relitha Byron


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