Maternity time

Do you want maternity in second life? Then I recommend you to burgle the shop of Kontra, Yanka. The suits are all stupendous ones and with good texture, in more you can find in the same package you live for 3, 6 or 9 months, so that to suit them for your shapes.
My husband wears two heads of Mow, both gifts of group, one of April that you won't find anymore and one of this month, very beautiful both and proper for a walk in the green.


Dress : Maternity-dress Mesh  White  :   Yanka Not free



Hoodie : [M.o.w] May Male Gift  : M.o.w Group Gift

Pant : [M.o.w] Male Baggy Jeans -APRIL GIFT  :   M.o.w Old Group Gift


Model, stylist and photographer : Relitha Byron
Model: Iorick Mistwood

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