[GOL] the 9th OPENING


Ever been to GOL and thought, "wouldn't this be a great place for a photoshoot?" Only to conclude that wouldn't happen with all the lagtastic club rump-shaking that was happening?


The famed GOL club series will christen it's newest member, the 9th on Friday, May 24, 2013. Dakota Neumann, the creator and founder of GOL is proud to share his latest creation with the world. Since June of 2006, GOL has been the long established KING of the house music scene in Second Life. We've all enjoyed hanging out with friends and letting the tuneage from the best DJs around the world move our bodies.


I have had the honor to be one of the few bloggers to see the new GOL in preview, to turn in a place where it is usually full of people in total loneliness are an enchantment, all the particular are noticed.
The disco is built in simple and modern way, but it is really its simplicity to strike the attention, the care for some details as the hands that it is to the entrance as if they pointed out you the road for the dance footstep, the colors they are very harmonic and I must already say that I felt me wound by the good music that I have always listened to the GOL.


GOL the 9th opening officially to the public on May 24th at 10am slt, running 24/7 as always! 


SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20GOL%20Club/111/232/24



Jewerls : MG - Necklace - Giselle Opal Set - HOT PINK  : Cynful 4th Anniversary Free


Dress : [Cynful] Kamalin Dress - Light Coral  :   Cynful 4th Anniversary Free


Model, stylist and photographer : Relitha Byron

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