Whispering Wind


Shape : RIR Life Hoaiti Shape : RIR Life Shape No Free

Hair : [e] Control - Rich Browns  :   [elikatira] No Free

Hat : {dollle*} 07 Gift : Cat Ears Knitted Cap : {dollle*} Free

Dress : [ SAKIDE ] Imma Bunneh Hoodie Blue : [ SAKIDE ] No Free
Special CUTE Bunny Hoodies for your Easter week-end :D
At the mainstore until Tuesday at least.
VIP Group Members gets 50% of Store Credit. Don't forget to wear your group tag.
14 colors : Black, Bad Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, White, Yellow..


Shape : RIR Life Callista Shape : RIR Life Shape No Free

Hair : Analog Dog- pause puff : Analog Dog Free

Dress : Auxiliary - Doll Dress - Peach [Auxiliary Egg1]  : Auxiliary  FREE / Knitting Circle Easter Hunt

Photographer : Relitha Byron
Model: Hoaiti Sahara and Callista Bennett


Location: L2 Studio - @ Whispering Wind


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