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by - venerdì, aprile 05, 2013


Morning everyone!

A couple of days ago, Strawberry Singh came out with another Meme, this time asking us what our five Second Life pet peeves are.
All of it is in good fun, so here goes:

1. Random teleports:

As it regards the teleport to the sudden one, me usually not to be wrong I say no to anything just entrance in second life. I would not want to find even me in a sim flood of people, naked or bald because I was changing me.

2. People who don’t read profiles:

My profile says a lot about me, about how I feel about certain elements that run on second life. I think it's always best to read the profile of a person before even thinking to write.Besides she is clarified that I don't want histories of it of sex of it of other, for which it is better always to inquire.

3. Pushy people:

I am inside second life, for blog, to make photos, and to spend some time with my husband or that little true friends that I have. I detest the people that contact me without apparent motive, I don't give confidence to the people if they are not shown interesting. I have changed a lot of people because to my answer that I didn't want to be troubled they have insisted. Well he, has the molts extremely easy. I also hate those that ask me, but you as you do to have that man shop as sponsor, or to be in that group.In short I am reserved, polite and I pretend the same behavior from the others.

4. In love chronic on second life


Years are different that frequent or "I rummage", as preferred you, on second life and facebook, two worlds that have in common a lot of things according to my opinion. I have seen of it and you feel of all the colors and this is an experience that unites us everybody...
I have seen to tighten loving relationships of the middle duration of weeks if not straight days, with marriages that last less than the period of the publications. With both the protagonists of these histories, that howled to the four winds that theirs "love" it was unique and sincere, that would not be ended never, with so much of "my life" and other appellatives and discourses that I listen with tenderness in a teen-ager to the takings with the first quiver of her heart, a less  from people non certain of "first hair."
Then see them after a few weeks divorced and to said them destroyed by this experience, for then to already find again them after a few weeks risposati and even with upcoming issue, with another big love, from we are the most beautiful couple of the world and we are sorry for the others. Here is a brief reflection on the custom in use in Second Life, to declare in her own profile the state of joining.
Gives the transitory character of such state, the continuous updating creates an effect "Beautiful" funny for the one that law, but ridiculous for the one that the alive ones. I have felt to say that I am boring because married in real and in second life the same person, I feel me fortunate to have nearby a person with which to also share a place ludico and not only the responsibilities of the real life.

5. Facelights:

Here is matter indeed thorny this.
I hate the facelights, I have also hated her always when I had just entered. I like a lot to see the job of windlight that the owners do on the sims, and there am at times avatar so full of lights that it is not even understood of what color is the sky. Besides using the lights and shades it is annoying even more. I find that the use of the facelights is a noob, pass me the term...


Hair : Truth Tymber  : FaMeshed   (not free / featured @ FaMeshed)

Dress : ARMONY Anniversary : ARMONY  Not Free

Photographer and model : Relitha Byron


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