ArisAris Indulge

 ArisAris  Indulge

Hair :  (r)M ~ c o l o u r  ( b l a c k s ) : (r)M Free!!

 ArisAris  Indulge 1

Outfit :  ArisAris  Indulge : ArisAris L$220
This beautiful shirt you've always wanted to have, but mesh ...
in three different styles
White embroidered
And Tartan
and with impeccable jeans mesh
5 sizes for jeans
5 sizes for Shirts
2 alphas

Bag : ArisAris funny Bag : ArisAris Gift for group

 ArisAris  Indulge 2

Sneakers :Sneakers pack (sculpted): Catwise L$99

Photographer: Relitha Byron
Model: Relitha Byron

 Magical Farm


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