Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt

The Pink Ribbon Fair  is underway, having started on August 4th and running until August 25th, 2012.  This fair is a fashion charity event in collaboration with Relay For Life  SL to help raise funds for breast cancer.  There are approximately 150 designers participating with the them being “EVERYTHING PINK!” lol.  At the
landing spot at the PRF you can pick up a pair of free PRF Sunglasses from ShadZ and also there is a selection of bikinis you can pick up for free such as the Lolly Bikini courtesy of Zibska (both shown above).  They suggest wearing them while you shop at the fair to help reduce lag.  You can visit the official website for a map with store locations here – >
After you are finished your shopping at the fair, make sure you check out the Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt!  Each designer participating in the fair, also has a free hunt prize hidden back at their mainstores!  The icon you are to search for is a pink ribbon as shown below along with some of the prizes to give you an idea of what is available in this fantastic hunt.   You can find a complete hunt slurl listing with hints at the following link ->

 Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt 1

Bikini: SAKIDE Barbie Bikinis  : SAKIDE (free / 0L / prfh)

Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt 2

Makeup: Mirror’s Enigma Lavenia Makeup Collection: Mirror’s Enigma (free / 0L / tprfh)

Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt 3

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